Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rainy Days

Last night we had our first summer storm. As long as there are no damaging rains, winds or hail (have to think about crops people!), I love thunderstorms.
We opened all the windows and listened to the rain coming down and the thunder that followed the flashes of light.
After the storm was over, and the rain drops slowed, a brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky.
Ker told me "Jen... picture!" But it was still rainy, and I didn't really feel like pulling the camera out to try to get a good shot of something so naturally beautiful. Something that I knew a camera couldn't ever do justice for.
But then I thought... BLOG! Oh, ya... I need blogging material! So I listened to my little sister (It happens sometimes) and snapped a few.

The sky was for realz this color!

Rainy days in our house are very interesting. Especially those days when there is a steady rain all day long. It looks like we are in for a few of those this week.
With four adults, two teenagers and seven kids cooped up in the house, things can get claustrophobic. (Which could be the reason that I am writing this blog post in my room in the basement where it is a tad bit quieter :)
The noise level always rises on rainy days. Rain makes kids bouncy and noisy, and the boys wrestle and tumble a lot more.
But rainy days are also days that everyone is on the same page. The work outside is halted, and a feeling of relaxation (or, laziness as some would call it :) settles over those that do the housework. So (unless of course, a trip is made to the city, to get groceries or to run errands... which does happen often) we just enjoy being together, a family, noise and all.
It is fun seeing those things that usually happen outside happen inside. Like a big sister teaching her little sister how to do cartwheels, a game of hopscotch being played on the tile floor, or listening to all of those little conversations that happen between the little boys,
There is a coziness that happens indoors when the weather is dreary outdoors. More hugs, lots of cuddles and many smiles.

Yes, sunshine is nice. It is nice for everyone to be able to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. But, sometimes it is good to be all stuck together. To enjoy each other together. To be the big crazy family that we are.

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Megan said...

Awe, this may have made me tear up a little..your sweet :) Love you!

Oh and super duper cool pics (listing to little sister's is ALWAYS a good idea!! :)