Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today: Roses and Tornados

The roses have been begging me to take pictures of them since they began to bloom. But, my camera has still not been fixed, so I have refrained myself. Today I could not stand it anymore, I grabbed my phone and took some pictures, in spite of the quality. 
I love roses, they have such a strong fragrance! I will sometimes pick one and sniff it until it doesn't smell anymore. (I may or may not be addicted ;) 
But hey, my middle name is Rose... so I am allowed right!?

These words come from a song called "You Alone" by The Sisters. 
They have been on my heart today.

Early this evening we had a little bit of excitement when we spotted a tornado from our yard! It was about twenty minutes away from us, so there was no danger. You can barely see it in this picture, but it was a lot more clear in real life. I was sad that there were crops that were being damaged... but I was excited to be able to see a tornado... I have always wanted to see one!
And that was a few random snippets from my day.
Hope you all had a good one!

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Kait said...

I heard about that Tornado on the CBC! I'm so glad no one was hurt. They are pretty neat to watch, in a scary sort of way. xD

At a historical tour of King's Landing a few years ago, an interpreter told me that the colonists would pick rose petals into a jar, and cover them with cornstarch. The starch would absorb the volitile oils from the fresh petals, and the powder would smell like roses all winter long. They used it as a perfume and deoderant. I thought that was awesome.

My parents don't have any rose bushes in their yard right now, but whenever my husband and I have a yard, rosebushes are at the top of the garden planting list. :P I love rosehip tea, so it's not even impractical, right? And does everything need to be practical anyway?

Love your hair, btw. :)