Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nothing Can Take This Love Away

This morning I awoke with dark cloud over my head. There were things that I was struggling with in my heart and I was feeling really down.
When I came in from milking, I started to do some cleaning, frustrated about how I was feeling. I just couldn't shake the weight of the heavy emotions.
I turned on some music, this song called "You Have My Heart" was the first in an album by Anthem Lights. I had heard it many times before, being one of my favorite songs. But being still, I really heard the words for the first time.
It hit me that I should never have to feel my spirit sink this low, because I always have a hope. I have something that no-one can take away from me. Though I am living in a world that produces sorrows and troubles, my eyes can remain on the simple fact that I have hope, and because I love Jesus and He has my heart, I will always have all that I need. My perspective was changed, and from that moment on my day was brighter.

If you are feeling down today, whether it be about your past, present or future situations, remember this one thing. If Jesus has your heart, you have a love, and a hope that cannot be taken away. Let yourself be consumed by that realization today as I did.
Then live the rest of your day with your feet on the ground, but your eyes on the sky. You can because you know Who your heart belongs to.

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