Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This morning of mine.

I didn't plan to do a picture post about my morning today. But when these silly bulls decided to take a nap on our lawn, I had to share this picture. And then I thought that I may as well just take more pictures and make a post out of it!

So here is a little peek into my morning.

This little dude woke me up early. Mom and Dad had gotten in late last night from hunting for a fishing boat to buy for a men's camping trip that is coming up. So he and I had some cuddle time so that mommy could get some more sleep. 
And I mean, who would not want to get up to see this adorable little morning face??

I don't think he liked the fact that I was sticking a camera in his face! :)

A little later on in the morning, mom came and looked out the window and described to me scene in the above picture.
I got some helpers and put those bad boys back into their pen.

Afterward I made me my morning brew (sugar free homemade hot chocolate/coffee), got me some more baby cuddles, and watched the birds.

Why can't I have a morning face as cute as this?!?!

For Mikey, it was time for daddy cuddles. They were being so stinken' cute so I had to snap a few...

Next, off to milk the cow and check on the new babies that we picked up yesterday.

Teddy was so sad that she couldn't come into the chick pen...

This is my girl. Her name is Clarabell... I call her belly. :)

This guy.
He has been helping me with milking for a long time, and he does an awesome job!!
(Um, please excuse my morning hair. #iwokeuplikethis)

Every day I write a quote, bible verse or line from an inspirational song on my "Barn calendar". 
It is something that I see twice every day, so I use it to bring myself encouragement on those days that I really need it.
Today was snippet from the song "Through all of it" by Colton Dixon. It has been playing on repeat in our house the past couple of days.

Walking back into the house, the clouds looked like waves in the sky. So beautiful. 

And that was my quite random morning picture post!

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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

i saw those clouds but didn't get a picture, amazing!!! Cute post Jen Jen! I like your morning hair. :)